Selected Essays and Articles

(2022) “New York: Forest of Symbols,” Monthly Review, October MR-074-05-2022-09_4

(2021) “Cooperation has a Meaning: François Maspero and Monthly Review,” Monthly Review, September MR-073-04-2021-08_4

(2021) “A Commodius Vicus of Recirculation: Encountering Marx and Joyce,” Monthly Review, March (Vol.72, No.10) MR-072-02-2021-03_4

(2020) “Mystified Consciousness,” Monthly Review, March (Vol.71, No.10)MR-071-10-2020-03_2

(2019) “Endgame Marxism (and Urbanism),” Monthly Review, November (Vol.71, No.6) Endgame Marxism-1

(2018) “Planetary Urbanisation: une affaire de perception,” Urban GeographyPlanetary urbanisation une affaire de perception

(2016) “Notes on an Underground Future,” Griffith Review (Australia), Number 52   GR52_Merrifield.Essay.Final

(2015) “Amateur Urbanism,” CITY, Vol.19 (5) AmateurUrbanism.CITY

(2015) “The Underground Man,” Adbusters, Number 121 (August-September) Adbusters Underground Man

(2015) “The Shadow Citizenry, the-shadow-citizenry,August-September

(2015) “Out of Shadows,” Adbusters, Number 120 (July-August)_A_web

(2014) “The Entrepreneur’s New Clothes,” Geografiska Annaler  Merrifield-2014-Geografiska_Annaler-_Series_B,_Human_Geography

(2014) “Against Accountancy Governance,” CITY, Vol. 18 (4-5) Merrifield CITY (2014)

(2013) “The Urban Question under Planetary Urbanization,” The International Journal of Urban and Regional Research,  IJURR Planetary Urbanization piece

(2013) “Archetypes of Dissent,” Adbusters, Number 106 (March/April)

(2012) “Enigma of Revolt,” Adbusters, Number 103 (Sept/October)

(2013) “Citizens’ Agora,” Radical Philosophy, Number 179: rp179_commentary2_merrifield_citizensagora

(2013) “The Planetary Urbanization of Non-Work,” CITY, Vol. 17 (3) 13604813%2E2012%2E754176

(2013) Merrifield, Andy. “Urban Jacobinism and Outlaw Mathematicians,” Adbusters Magazine. 107: http://www.adbusters.org/sites/default/files/Adbusters107-preview.pdf

(2013) “The Politics of the Encounter and the Urbanization of the World,” CITY, Vol. 16 (1) Politics of the Encounter and Urb of World

(2012) “Ideas are Bulletproof,” Radical Philosophy, Number 171 rp171_commentary2_merrifield_ideasarebulletproof

(2012) “Crowd Politics, or, Here Comes Everybuddy,” New Left Review, Number 71 NLR30505-3

(2011) “The Right to the City and Beyond: Notes on a Lefebvrian Re- conceptualization,” CITY, Vol. 15 (3- 4)2-01 – Andy Merrifield – The Right to the City and Beyond_ Notes on a Lefebvrian re-conceptualization

(2011) “Bunge’s Fitzgerald: Geography of Revolution as Geography Classic?” Progress in Human Geography, Vol. 35 Prog Hum Geogr-2011-Merrifield-715-7

(2010) “Notes on the Politics of Neo-Communism: The Coming of The Coming Insurrection,” Environment & Planning D: Society & Space. Vol. 28 d12909

(2009) “The Whole and the Rest: Remi Hess and les lefebvriens français,” Environment and Planning D: Society & Space, Volume 27: 936-949 d2705me-3

(2009) “Magical Marxism,” Environment & Planning D: Society & Space, Vol. 27 d2703eda

(2005) “Metropolitan Birth Pangs: Reflections on Henri Lefebvre’s Urban Revolution,” International Journal of Urban & Regional Research, Vol. 29 Merrifield-2005-International_Journal_of_Urban_and_Regional_Research

(2005) “John Berger’s Motorcycle: Journeying for a Sense of Place,” Brooklyn Rail, November http://www.brooklynrail.org/2005/11/express/john-berger-s-motorcycle

(2004) “The Sentimental City: The Lost Urbanism of Pierre Mac Orlan and Guy Debord,” International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Vol.28 j.0309-1317.2004.00561.x

(2004) “Debord’s World,” Environment & Planning D: Society and Space, Vol. 22 Debord

(2004) “Henri Lefebvre’s ‘Youthfulness of Heart’,” The Brooklyn Rail. November  http://www.brooklynrail.org/2004/11/express/henri-lefebvres-youthfulness-of-heart

(2004) “The Provocations of Arthur Cravan,” The Brooklyn Rail. June http://www.brooklynrail.org/2004/06/books/the-provocations-of-arthur-cravan

(2004) “Paris Spleen,” The Brooklyn Rail. May http://www.brooklynrail.org/2004/05/books/paris-spleen

(2003) “Searching for Guy Debord,” The Brooklyn Rail. October http://www.brooklynrail.org/2003/10/express/searching-for-guy-debord

(2003) “Remembering Isaac Babel and Walter Benjamin,” The Brooklyn Rail. August-September http://www.brooklynrail.org/2003/08/express/the-world-of-secret-affinities

(2002) “Seattle, Quebec, Genoa: Après le Déluge … Henri Lefebvre?” Environment & Planning D: Society & Space. 20 (2002): 127-134 Seattle, Quebec Apres le deluge

(2001) “Lepers at the City Gate: Single-Room-Occupancy and New York’s Housing Crisis,” Dissent Magazine. Spring Lepers at the City Gate

(2000) “The Dialectics of Dystopia: Disorder and Zero Tolerance in the City,” International Journal of Urban & Regional Research, Vol. 26 (2) merrifield-dialectics-dystopia

(1999) “Notes on Suffering and Freedom: A Marxian and Dostoevskian Encounter,” Rethinking Marxism, 11:1, 72-86 Rethinking Marxism 

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