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The Madhouse and the Whole Thing There: A Note on Amateurs and Professionals

I’m still tinkering around with this theme of “amateurs” and “professionals.” I’m writing a longer piece, which I’ve filed under my “Work in Progress” rubric, but I wanted to share a little extract here of where my head is currently … Continue reading

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Vernacular Values: Remembering Ivan Illich

By Andy Merrifield I’ve been revisiting the great maverick radical Ivan Illich, who died in 2002, aged 76. Illich was an Austrian who had no real homeland, a Jew who became a Catholic, a Priest who denounced the Vatican, a … Continue reading

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James Joyce’s Lifewand

A version of this article was previously published in December 2013 at the antipode foundation By Andy Merrifield “He lifts the lifewand and the dumb speak” – James Joyce One of the great humanist visions of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake is … Continue reading

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Urban Questions: Personal and Political Interrogations

Previously published in March 2014 at Pluto Press Blog By Andy Merrifield In 1977, when Manuel Castells’ classic book, The Urban Question, was first put into English, I’d been a year out of secondary school, in Liverpool. It was five years … Continue reading

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