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The Madhouse and the Whole Thing There: A Note on Amateurs and Professionals

I’m still tinkering around with this theme of “amateurs” and “professionals.” I’m writing a longer piece, which I’ve filed under my “Work in Progress” rubric, but I wanted to share a little extract here of where my head is currently … Continue reading

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Vernacular Values: Remembering Ivan Illich

By Andy Merrifield I’ve been revisiting the great maverick radical Ivan Illich, who died in 2002, aged 76. Illich was an Austrian who had no real homeland, a Jew who became a Catholic, a Priest who denounced the Vatican, a … Continue reading

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James Joyce’s Lifewand

A version of this article was previously published in December 2013 at the antipode foundation By Andy Merrifield “He lifts the lifewand and the dumb speak” – James Joyce One of the great humanist visions of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake is … Continue reading

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Urban Questions: Personal and Political Interrogations

In 1977, when Manuel Castells’ classic book, The Urban Question, was first put into English, I’d been a year out of high school, in Liverpool. It was five years after its original French publication, four years since an OPEC oil … Continue reading

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